“Back to School” Safety Tips Provided by Leading Pediatric Health Care System

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1. Back to School Safety Tips: Reading, writing and arithmetic aren’t the only things that children need to help them prepare for back to school in the fall. There several are several health and safety tips that will get their year off to a great start. BacktoSchoolTips

2. Back Pack Safety Tips: From David Marshall, M.D., Director, Sports Medicine Program at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Help your child avoid lower back pain and injury this school year — follow these simple backpack safety tips. BackpackSafetyTips

3. Is Your Child Too Sick for School? Early in the morning, it is often difficult to make a decision about whether or not your child is sick enough to stay home from school. With minor symptoms, you often cannot tell whether he is going to get better or worse during the course of the day. ChildTooSickforSchool

4. Guidelines for Parents of Children in Sports ChildreninSports

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Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, one of the leading pediatric healthcare systems in the country,is pleased to offer summer tips for parents and their children. Click on the links for more information. Children's experts are also available for interviews pertaining to these topics, as well as additional pediatric health care issues. Please contact Children's 24-hour, 7-day-a-week media pager at 404-570-9717 to reach a public relations representative immediately.

Children's is a not-for-profit organization that benefits from the generous philanthropic and volunteer support of our community. Operating three hospitals with more than half a million patient visits annually, Children’s is recognized for excellence in cancer, cardiac, neonatal, orthopaedic and transplant services, as well as many other pediatric specialties. Visit our Web site at www.choa.org to learn more about Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

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