Lindsay Lohan’s Dangerous Marilyn Monroe Obsession: “Beyond a Death Wish”

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As the 47th anniversary of Marilyn’s death approaches on August 4, Lindsay Lohan has done yet another shoot inspired by the star for Spanish Vogue, in which she wears a Dolce & Gabbana dress featuring stark black-and-white images of Marilyn. This is just the latest action fueled by the obsession that began when Lindsay was just a child: from the Bert Stern photo shoot for New York Magazine, to the tattoo on her wrist featuring a Marilyn quote ("Everyone’s a star and deserves to sparkle"); from incorporating 6126 (the legend’s date of birth) into the names of her leggings line and Twitter account, to purchasing an apartment where Marilyn once lived.

Friends say the 23-year-old has a dangerous preoccupation with Marilyn’s life — and death. "Lindsay is obsessed," says a pal. "She loves Marilyn’s short life and looks at all of it as glamorous, even her death. Lindsay wants to be just like Marilyn, and she doesn’t fear dying young. She sees beauty in the tragedy of Marilyn’s life."

Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Dr. Nancy Irwin says it is a concern that Lindsay is identifying so strongly with the ‘50s bombshell. "While Marilyn Monroe certainly had many admirable traits, she was extremely psychologically unbalanced," the doctor says, adding that for Lindsay to model her behavior on Marilyn in any way apart from artistically, "is beyond a death wish: it’s an ‘eternal-life-after-an-early-death’ wish. We saw this in Chris Farley, the talented comedian whose role model was John Belushi. He followed his footsteps right into an early grave. When you try to be someone else, you lose your own self."

"Lindsay likes to believe that she is the new Marilyn Monroe," the friend tells "She craves the attention and enjoys all the drama that she creates around her. It’s all part of her plan. Lindsay accepts it all and if she doesn’t live to an old age, she isn’t worried. It will be a part of her legacy — she wants to be a beautiful Hollywood starlet with a dramatic, tumultuous and interesting life. Lindsay is going to leave her mark on the world."

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