National Scholars Program Announces Class of 2010

Recruits 10 Student Activists from Communities Across the Country

The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI), a nonprofit nonpartisan think tank in New York City, has announced its 2010 class of DMI Scholars. The DMI Scholars program recruits young activists from underrepresented communities and prepares them to advance change through careers in public policy.

DMI Scholars come from communities of color, immigrant communities, low-income and working class communities, and LGBTQ communities. They come from public and private universities, commuter and community colleges, and historically black colleges and universities. With DMI Scholars training, these activists go on to change the conversation behind the scenes in City Hall, the United States Congress, and think tanks around the country.

The 2010 DMI Scholars:

• Gina Chen, of Chicago, Illinois, is a junior Political Science and East Asian Studies major at Yale University and has worked for neighborhood revitalization in Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown.

• Zachary Duffy, of New York, New York, is a sophomore Politics major at Whitman College and

has worked in the office of Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer.

• Dana El Kurd, of Houston, Texas, is a junior Political Science and Economics major at the University of Houston and organizes for Palestine solidarity in the greater Houston area.

• Margaret Haule, of Austin, Texas, is a sophomore Sociology major at Austin Community College and has served on the City of Austin HIV Planning Commission.

• Rodney Leggett, of San Francisco, California, is a senior Political Science major at Howard University and has advocated for prison reform in California.

• James McKinney, of Forrest City, Arkansas, is a junior Economic and Public Policy major at the University of Chicago and works to improve health outcomes on the South Side of Chicago.

• Justino Mora, of Los Angeles, California, is a sophomore Political Science major at Mount San Antonio College and works to improve access to higher education for undocumented students.

• Deivid Rojas, of Miami, Florida, is a junior History major and Latin American studies minor at Swarthmore College and cofounded an organization to help displaced youth in Colombia.

• Leanne Sajor, of Queens, New York, is a junior Political Science and Gender Studies major at Hunter College and is part of the founding committee for a charter school in East Harlem.

• Tina Trevino-Murphy, of Houston, Texas, is a junior Social Welfare major at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and fights to maintain funding for campus women’s programs.

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