“Shadow Interpreted Theatre – The Love of Three Oranges” for children and families

The Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with The PlayGround Theatre and VSA Arts of Florida, with funding from The Children’s Trust and the State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, is pleased to announce for the first time in Florida, Shadow Interpreted Theatre for Children & Families.

The Love of Three Oranges will be presented with shadow interpretation on May 20th (10:30am) and May 21st (10:30am and 7:30pm) at The PlayGround Theatre, 9806 NE 2nd Ave • Miami Shores.

Shadow Interpreted Theatre is a totally unique art form, which utilizes specially trained American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters to perform as “shadows” on stage alongside PlayGround Theatre company members.

The Shadow Interpreters are integrated into the live performance by mirroring the voiced actors in ASL.

Go to http://terptheatre.com/shadowing.html to see how Shadow Theatre works.

As if engaged in an intricate bilingual dance, Shadow Theatre marries sign language with choreographed movement, allowing the sign language to become a seamless part of the theatre experience. In this way, audience members who are deaf can simultaneously see and “hear” the complete theatre performance in the same way as hearing audiences. Otherwise, deaf audience members are forced to focus their attention on an off-stage interpreter, and invariably miss much of the action taking place on stage. Shadow Theatre is also enjoyed by hearing audiences as an innovative art form and educational opportunity.

Similar to watching a film with subtitles, viewers benefit from a rich bilingual experience and gain an appreciation for another language.

Shadow Theatre broadens accessibility for audiences with other types of disabilities as well.

As the prevalence of autism and audio processing disorders continues to rise (according to the CDC, currently 1 in 110 children are being diagnosed with autism), a new potential audience of American Sign Language users is emerging. In Miami-Dade County, many non-verbal children with autism and audio-processing disorders are being taught ASL as a primary means of communication. The Shadow Interpreted Theatre Program will open up an entirely new cultural opportunity for these children to enjoy and participate alongside their typical peers.

“We are so proud to be presenting the Shadow Interpreted Theatre Program for Children and Families together with The PlayGround Theatre for the first time ever in the State of Florida,” said Adolfo Henriques, Chairman of the Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs’ 15-member volunteer advisory board.

“It is our mission to help connect the children and families in our community with the full range of fantastic opportunities that the arts offer, and to make those experiences accessible to all. Generous funding from The Children’s Trust and The State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs has made this new program possible, and by working together with our wonderful community partners, we hope to make the “Shadow Theatre Program” a regular offering for all of our children in Miami-Dade County to experience,” Mr. Henriques continued.

“The thrill of Shadow Interpreted Theatre is experiencing the simultaneous translation of psychological, physical, and verbal languages - the creation of a cornucopia of vibrant expression,” said Stephanie Ansin, Artistic Director of The PlayGround Theatre.

For complete “Shadow Interpreted Theatre – The Love of Three Oranges” schedule and ticket information, please call The PlayGround Theatre at (305) 751-9550.

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